Update: 17th May 2021

Guidelines for visiting the care home:

From 17th May the number of nominated visitors per service user will be 5 people, and once allocated these cannot change.

We still require everyone to test before coming to the home and present your test at the door when arriving for your visit.

For the next few weeks we will continue with a booking system then review. All bedrooms can be used for visits, but not the communal areas at present.

We will continue to provide PPE for your visit.

Guidelines for taking your loved one out of the care home:

Visits out of the care home will be planned in consultation with the family and care home managers subject to testing requirements and risk assessments to protect residents.

Activities outside of the care home that will not require self-isolation include:
* outdoor visits to parks, beaches or gardens
* medical appointments
* visiting day centres
* attending educational settings
* going to work
Please do consider this when planning to take your loved ones out.

Appointments can be arranged by phoning the home on 01724 410042. 


by admin

May 17, 2021

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