Specialist Residential Care For The Elderly
in Scunthorpe

Gresham Residents Room

Your Most Difficult Decision

Placing your loved one “into care” is one of the most difficult decisions that you will ever make, especially if it is set to be a permanent decision. When a loved one is suffering from dementia emotions can run very high, and you may well be questioning yourself on what the best course of action should be.

You may be concerned that your loved one will feel abandoned if they go into residential care, or perhaps you feel that their specific needs will not be met. These concerns are not only a good thing, but are also necessary to have as it makes choosing the right nursing home the most important thing. This is especially true if your loved is also unable to express their own opinions and preferences clearly, as you will then need to do it for them.

Supporting Your Loved One

As well as considering your own feelings, the transition into a care home that your loved one will have to experience may also be quite difficult, even though it's highly likely that it will be the best thing for them. They may be confused at their new surroundings and worried by unfamiliar faces. They could also be anxious about what the food will be like, will they make any friends and if they will have the same amount of privacy that they are accustomed to.

If these sound familiar, you can be rest assured that we are aware of the anxiety involved in such a big change - and as a result we are not only here to help but also eager to do so.

We believe a care home should be a place where:

  • Each person is treated as an individual
  • There are no irrelevant rules and regulations
  • Dignity is the utmost priority
  • Filled with companionship
  • People can lead an independent and respectable life

Our primary aim is to assess your loved ones needs in the context of life history, personality, known habits and lifestyle, emotional health and medical conditions. We provide a high level of encouragement and assistance in accordance with preferences and full risk assessments. We believe we truly have everything covered.

Specialist Dementia Care

Flower Arranging At Gresham Lodge

Living with dementia can be a frustrating, difficult and often a frightening experience. At Gresham Lodge we provide a safe environment that offers both security and stimulation for our residents.

In recognition of the unique needs of people with dementia, we strive to set the highest standards in specialist care for them, while also providing support for their families.

We look at the small but significant things such as placing signage for easier understanding and ensuring that the food that we prepare caters for individual tastes. We do not have a one size fits all approach.

Extensive Care Experience

At Gresham Lodge Care Home we have extensive experience of caring for those who have dementia. It's likely that any sort of behavior your loved one exhibits will be something we've dealt with before, so we'll know exactly what to do. We understand that they see and experience the world differently. As a result we have ensured that our nursing team has been hand picked, so that your loved one experiences the very highest levels of empathy, patience and understanding.

We have created an environment that is much more like a real home rather than a traditional care home, in which we provide specialised care that promotes your loved one’s independence.

We do as much as we can to make the surroundings as recognisable and familiar as possible. This is something that we are aware is important in order to alleviate the anxiety and confusion that dementia can bring on.

Carer & Resident at Gresham Lodge

At Gresham Lodge we have dedicated activity coordinators who work alongside our regular care staff, so that they can get to know each and every resident, take pride in listening, understanding and responding to their needs. The activities we plan out are meaningful and varied, with enormous benefits that are likely to be seen in your loved one's interest and engagement in life.

So, you can rest assured in the knowledge that your loved one is in very capable hands and will be cared for with sensitively and great compassion.

Resident & Carer at Gresham Lodge Care Home

Time To Take The Next Step

We hope from this introduction that you feel Gresham Lodge Care Home is the best choice for a dementia care home for your loved one. If you want to talk confidentially about your requirements or have any questions please feel free to call us on 01652 462030 or email us to arrange a visit.

Alternatively, why not call in for a look around. You'll be able to see the facilities first hand, talk with current residents and to chat with our staff about your requirements and how we may be able to meet them.

We look forward to meeting you.

P.S.Gresham is a very popular home and places are much in demand so we recommend calling ahead to check for availability before making your journey.