Monthly Archives: May 2017

Trip to Central Park

Today, our Residents have gone out for a trip to Central Park and they ‘ve had some ice-cream while enjoying the sunshine. In the morning, Rosa’s Family has brought lovely fluffy doggy and all Residents could enjoy him.

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Freshly Prepared Italian Lunch

Today… we’ve started from making buns with cream, having cuppa and chat xx at lunch time, our Chef prepared Italian dishes (spaghetti Bolognese, garlic bread, homemade tiramisu, etc.) – everything was delicious, everybody enjoyed their dinner so much! Thank You Ann-Marie, Janet and Stuart! Xxx

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Happy Birthday Lilly!

Today, our lovely Lilly was celebrating her Birthday… she was 21 again! Lucky one! xxx Dear Lilly, who say you are old? Absolutely not! You are bold not old in a good way. Remember, we are not counting years, we are counting blessings. Happy Birthday! xx

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Chirohealth Clinic Presentation

Today we’ve had presentation from Chirohealth Clinic. Great specialist – Dr. Julia Pullin and Zara Alison (Chiropractice Technician) have been trying to find our MOJO! If anybody would like to book a spinal screening at the Clinic, please contact us… xx Thank You Dr. Pullin and Zara!

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American Day

American Day at Gresham Lodge Care Centre! Great food, lovely atmosphere… xx our Residents love to discover new tastes xx In the afternoon we have been doing some gardening: cutting grass and tidying the garden. PS. Charlotte, Nicola, Ryan, Mandy and Fay – Thank You! Great job! xxx

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